Über Cyberme(n)s(c)h – About Cybermesh

Release Date: 04.05.2016

cybermesh is an inspirational blog made by digital native for digital natives.

cybermesh can reference new trends with technical and non-technical nature.

What cybermesh is not: fully detailed blog/article setup.

If you want to get an overview just visit “blog” in the main nav.

The main blogging language is in German (GER)/(DE).


Navigation is in English. (ENG)


About the blogger:

Alex Hepting, born 01.10.1983 in Perm, Russia. Resident in Germany. He studies Informationscience and Natural Language Processing at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

His interest in digital and algorithmic kitchen have brought him here.
He is a passionate coder and webdeveloper but also loves easy peasy lemon squeezy things like wordpress.

He was a frequent twitter user with about 10.000 tweets a year but still thinks it was “a mess” and just for fun. He has banned twitter for investing more personal and quality time in education, espacially online education on coursera, cloudera, udemy and udacity.
There is still a G+ account active but not just for being active, just to collect valid stuff a developer or a marketing person might be interested in. This it is the only sketch ground for  bookmarks && hot stuff.





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